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What to expect

As you begin therapy :

  • Look at our Forms Section on the Web page print them out and begin filling them out prior to coming in for your appointment.
  • If you are unable to print out the forms then please show up for your initial appointment at least 15-30 minutes early to begin filling out all the appropriate forms.
  • Your first physical therapy visit will be performed by a physical therapist which will perform your initial physical therapy evaluation to begin your process to recovery with an extensive plan of care.
  • Following your evaluation, you will meet with one of our rehab receptionists to schedule your future appointment and discuss any further questions you may have regarding your insurance, etc
  • Dress comfortably. If you are comfortable, your will enjoy your session more.  We recommend loose comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Please do not wear open toed shoes. Empty your pockets of change, pocketknives, keys, or other bulky items before your appointment. Please empty your bladder before your appointment.
  • You might be sore. And that's okay.  You will be using muscles that haven't been worked in a while, so they will feel sore afterwards. Most likely you will be more sore for the first 2-3 weeks of rehab than before you began our program. This is completely normal and should diminish by the end of the first month. Chronic pain took a long time to develop and it will take longer to return to normal, so please be patient. Be consistent with your rehab appointments and exercises to achieve the best possible results.
  • Don't be discouraged.  Showing up is half the battle.  If you come, we . Communicate with your therapist during your appointment and let them know areas you are struggling with or successes you have achieved.  This will help them customize your program to improve your results.
  • 'Keep the faith'. You can do it.

We want your rehab experience to be encouraging and healing. If you will supply the effort, we will provide the equipment and expertise to help you take control of your physical health.

Regular follow up

Most insurance carriers require regular check-ups every four to six weeks while you are actively in rehab. You will be scheduled for a recheck with your orthopedic physician or with Dr. Doerr every four to six weeks. If you need to see him about a problem sooner than that, please ask to schedule an appointment so he can give your concerns proper attention. 

Insurance and billing

Please see Angie for concerns regarding your insurance coverage or payments.

Conditions Helped by Physical Therapy

lumbar disc herniation
cervical disc herniation
Lumbar disc degeneration
Cervical disc degeneration
Facet joint degeneration
Muscle spasms
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
Urinary stress incontinence
urge incontinence
Cervical spine fusion
Lumbar spine fusion
Lumbar laminectomies
see all conditions

Physical Therapy Clinics Serving Northeast Georgia

We have physical offices in Athens, Ga and Lavonia, Ga. However, if you live in Hartwell GA, Royston GA, Toccoa GA, or anywhere in NE GA, we'd love to see you too. Call us, and we'll help you with directions to the office closest to you.

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