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Specialized Equipment

Athens Physical Therapy / Physicians Back and Neck Clinic is one of very few physical therapy centers in the country utilizing Whole Body Vibration (WBV) as a treatment modality for spine and other muscle and joint issues.

What is WBV (Whole Body Vibration)?

WBV platforms were originally developed for Russian cosmonauts to preserve muscle and bone mass in zero-gravity conditions. Patients stand on the platform which functions like a quickly oscillating “see-saw” at speeds (frequencies) that are timed to reverberate with the body’s stretch receptors and tendon reflexes. Any muscles exposed to such vibration will repeatedly contract involuntarily—even muscles the body may have “shut down” from injury or pain. This rapid and bulk activation of muscles can:

  1. bring unused and atrophied muscles “on-line” again
  2. “magnify” short bouts of exercise in order to reprogram cardinal functions
  3. increase circulation and fluid exchange to injured areas
  4. challenge balance and coordination in a safe environment
  5. treat osteoporosis by deeply stimulating muscles to stress the attached bones, which enhances calcium deposition.

In our clinic, we have also used WBV to help our patients.  It can 

  • preserve muscle while awaiting injured nerves to reconnect
  • improve postural awareness in patients with Parkinson’s disease
  • mobilize ankylotic (“frozen”) joints
  • extinguish overactive protective reflexes that result in stiffnes.

In the athletic world, several major and collegiate sports teams use WBV to magnify exercise and to improve jumping ability and muscle recoil. Lance Armstrong has two WBV units—one at home and another for travel.

As one might expect, there are a number of circumstances and patient conditions (such as heart disease, most artificial joints, newly herniated discs, pacemakers) where one cannot use WBV. However, for the proper patient who has no contraindication, WBV can jumpstart previously failed treatment and result in progress unattainable with other methods.

Neotonus Machines

Athens Physical Therapy / Physicians Back and Neck Clinic utilizes specialized equipment made by Neotonus, Inc. based upon collaborative research with Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Medicine. These FDA-approved devices use highly-focused electromagnetic fields to stimulate muscle and neural tissues for different specialized purposes. The NeoTonus machines exploit the Faraday principle of magnetic induction whereby the resting membrane potential of muscle and nerve tissue subjected to a rapidly alternating magnetic field will be raised to a sufficient degree to propagate action potentials and consequent muscle contraction. Our practice utilizes two versions of the device: one is a specific therapy for urinary incontinence to reinforce and re-strengthen perineal musculature, and the other is a general physical therapy modality to isolate and stimulate muscles for purposes of remedial strengthening and reduction of spasm and inflammation.

The NeoControl is a device for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence. The machine consists of two parts:

  1. a treatment chair that houses a therapy head which generates the electromagnetic field which is aimed at the perineal muscles
  2. the control unit which generates the electrical pulses that are converted into electromagnetic fields.

The patient sits on the treatment chair and experiences passive and deep contractions of the perineal musculature. As strength and anatomic recognition increases, the patient develops the ability to voluntarily augment the contractions (Kegel exercises) and eventually regain urinary control. The NeoControl magnetic field penetrates up to 8 cm (3 inches) without use of conductant gel or need for the patient to disrobe.

The NeoTone is a similar device, but with a detached treatment head that can be used anywhere on the body where therapeutic effects similar to e-stim and ultrasound are desired. Additionally, we use the NeoTone to activate or preserve muscles that have become atrophic from neuro neglect (disuse atrophy) or nerve dysfunction (neuropathy, radiculopathy) from nerve injury or impingement. Because the electromagnetic field penetrates as much as 8 cm (3 inches), deep tissues unable to be reached by traditional modalities can be accessed and treated. Again, there is no need to remove clothing or use conductant gel to treat the target area.

Both our Athens and Lavonia offices are equipped with the Neotonus machines. No other physical therapy practices in the region utilize these unique and effective devices.

Conditions Helped by Physical Therapy

lumbar disc herniation
cervical disc herniation
Lumbar disc degeneration
Cervical disc degeneration
Facet joint degeneration
Muscle spasms
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
Urinary stress incontinence
urge incontinence
Cervical spine fusion
Lumbar spine fusion
Lumbar laminectomies
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