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Welcome to Athens Physical Therapy. Our singular goal at Athens Physical Therapy is help you get better. Whether you have back or neck pain, are recovering from spine surgery or a joint replacement, are a weekend warrior with a nagging injury, or are deconditioned after an illness, we are here to help you return to your regular activities and “Enjoy Life More”. It is our job to accurately recognize your condition, educate you about the diagnosis, effectively treat your condition, and equip you to manage your condition after discharge. We also offer a wellness program to help you maintain and grow your results. Our agenda is to get you back to your normal way of life and offer the opportunity to even enhance it.

Over the years, Athens Physical Therapy has established a reputation of clinical excellence for the treatment of back and neck pain in the region of Athens and Lavonia, Georgia. Originally begun as Physicians Neck and Back Clinic, we have a unique treatment perspective that results in a distinctive therapy experience. With your previous medical history and films in mind, we develop a strategic plan of care to get you back to the activities of daily living and recreation that you enjoy.

While we began as specialists in spine care and treatment, our therapists have years of experience in the treating the breadth of orthopedic conditions to include pre and post-op joint surgeries (for example: shoulders, hip and knees) as well as helping to sort out which structure is involved (examples: shoulder vs. neck or thoracic outlet; low back vs hip, piriformis or SI joints).

Our large therapy and stepdown gyms, private evaluation rooms, and increased interaction time with our therapy staff sets us apart from other clinics in the region. We look forward to working with and helping you get more out of life.

Can I skip therapy and just get injections?

Injections can be very helpful, and a number of our physical therapy patients have had successful injection therapy as part of their care. We often think of injections as a “reset button” where the “fire” in an angry joint or area surrounding an injured disc is “cooled”. But we also strongly believe the duration of relief provided by injections is directly related to how well you “behave” afterwards. (Read More)

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